Halloween Village Display Cave #halloweenvillagedisplay
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Halloween Village Display Cave #halloweenvillagedisplay

Halloween Village Display Cave

***all of my displays are made to order, there could be some slight variation in color and size. Included: the display only with skeleton in water. Dimensions of this display are 20in X 17in X 10.5in high. Halloween Village Display for Department 56 or Lemax. My displays are all unique, they are created to display any village including department 56 or Lemax. They are created to be expandable to any size and you can add any platforms by purchasing from existing inventory. Displaying your village collection on a plain table just isn't the same! View our display photos to see what a huge difference our display platforms can make for your village!PLEASE NOTE:BUILDINGS AND ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES, LIGHTING, OR ORNAMENTATION, ETC. NOT SPECIFICALLY LISTED AS INCLUDED ARE **NOT** INCLUDED, BUT ARE USED FOR DISPLAY ONLY TO SHOW HOW YOUR COLLECTION CAN COME TO LIFE ON THIS BEAUTIFUL DISPLAY BASE. This beautiful hand crafted display platform will make your Halloween village collection come to spooky life! Created to be compatible with brands such as Department 56 or Lemax Spookytown villages. (Handmade - not Dept. 56 or other brand.)


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